Plastic Bearings & Assemblies


BNL specialises in the design and manufacture of plastic bearings and assemblies, technical mouldings and associated sub-assemblies that offer many advantages over the traditional steel bearing. Having been at the cutting edge of plastic bearing technology for more than 40 years, the Company's expertise in this specialised field is unrivalled. 

BNL plastic bearings feature in applications as diverse as photocopiers to spa baths, satellite antenna to steering columns and the diversity of our product range increases every year.

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Providing Plastic Bearing Solutions


Our extensive experience in plastic bearing design and manufacture allows us to use the flexibility of the injection moulding process and the diverse properties of thermoplastics to deliver significant product benefits. These include low friction, corrosion and chemical resistance, reduced weight and inertia, exceptional wear rates and no requirement for lubrication.

Our objective is to create innovative products that provide significant benefits to customers and our expertise in plastic bearing technology allows us to offer increased functionality and cost reduction through integration and design.

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News & Events


12th May 2015, UK

China International Bearing Fair

13th-15th May 2015, Shanghai, China

Automotive Engineering Exposition

20th - 22nd May 2015, Yokohama, Japan